Tales of Heros of Body Transformations

Mishiko Zhvania

Having to go through heart problems I was not able to train for 5 months and I gained 20 kg. As soon as my heart condition got better I decided to get back on track and try out Frank Medrano’s workouts and programs. I began to eat healthier with fresh foods and made better food […]

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Mykel Kumar
Bangalore India

To practice calisthenics has been a long-term goal for me and when I started my journey I didn’t know how or where to look for a good routine. When I came across Frank’s programs and routines, I decided to start off with them and have had amazing results in achieving the kind of body I […]

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Yousef AlDawood
Safwa Ash Sharqiyah

I have always been the skinny guy between my friends. I was weak. I still remember the days were I couldn’t do a single push-up. A friend of mine asked me to go to the gym with him. Here is where I became interested in training. I started without any knowledge about fitness. After few […]

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Aron Levy
São paulo, brazil

With the help of Frank Medrano’s programs all my life has changed! My health is better, my shape in perfect form, and my mind is happy! Frank training programs has taught me and conditioned me to believe “where you mind goes, you body follows” I recommend anyone wanting to change their life to try out […]

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Kostas Syggas
Thessaloníki, Greece

My transformation began as your typical guy at the gym that only lifted weights. I was always concerned and frustrated with my training because it always seemed like I was going nowhere and not getting any results. Lots of times I would lose motivation and not even stay consistent with my workouts! I came across […]

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Iloilo City, Philippines

Frank Medrano’s Intermediate Workout program is one of the best programs that I have ever encountered, I usually just go with numbered reps, but this one made me reach out the max of every exercises, making my muscles work harder, The tips about fat burning, calorie intake/outake and more is really helpful, because staying fit […]

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Duane Robinson
Auckland, New Zealand

I had just injured my shoulders in jujitsu and now faced an 18-month lay off from training with weights. Once I got back into the gym I found myself constantly aggravating my shoulders, this was getting frustrating. I found a video called “it all starts with one” of Frank Medrano training and decided that I […]

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Alen Delic
Sangreal, Podgorica

This is my 5 months transformation! Calisthenics only! I used to be unmotivated and skinny, until I found Frank Medrano on the Internet.I couldn’t believe what I saw. He makes every move looks easy!I watch his videos everyday for motivation. I really learned a lot watching his tutorials and doing his workout routines I got […]

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