Yousef AlDawood
Safwa Ash Sharqiyah

I have always been the skinny guy between my friends. I was weak. I still remember the days were I couldn’t do a single push-up. A friend of mine asked me to go to the gym with him. Here is where I became interested in training. I started without any knowledge about fitness. After few months I came across one of Frank’s videos on YouTube and I was hooked since then. I have read Frank’s training program many times. It’s the best program I have followed. I have to say it is not just a workout routine. It gave me an understanding on how to train and eat. Now I am way healthier and stronger than I ever been. I also want to say studying abroad and having a part time job did not stop me achieving all of this. Whenever collage gets in the way I try to keep my diet clean as possible.




  • Build a SUPERHUMAN body and learn how Frank Stays FIT
  • Nutritional tips for better health and performance
  • Workout tips for better workout RESULTS
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