Tales of Heros of Body Transformations

Hank Boehme
Springfield, Illinois, USA

I’ve been a recovering addict for 3 1/2 years. After a couple years into my sobriety i decided to make changes in my body and diet. Frank Medrano and his training programs have been the ultimate example for me on when it comes to healthy living and functional strength. I’m now a personal trainer and […]

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Mechalle Ann
Nashville, TN, USA

I weighed at one point in my life over 160 lbs and taking several medications because of the weight! I could not walk up stairs without having to stop… Now I RUN them stairs!! Loosing the weight was the easy part staying motivated and staying dedicated was the difficult part… Until I came across Frank […]

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David Leonidovich
Galisburg, Illinois, USA

About a year ago in November, I realized as my age started climbing, so did my weight. My body followed suit and began to diminish in form and figure. Aesthetically, I was highly unpleased with what I saw in the mirror. From a strength perspective, haha, forget it. I had a gym membership that I […]

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Tall Marantz
Richmond Hill, Canada

I would like to say, as many others have, that Frank is an inspiration. Watching his videos, and using his training techniques and workouts have really given me the drive I needed to really work on improving myself. I wasn’t happy before with my self image and now I am in love. -Tal Marantz, Richmond […]

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