David Leonidovich
Galisburg, Illinois, USA

About a year ago in November, I realized as my age started climbing, so did my weight. My body followed suit and began to diminish in form and figure. Aesthetically, I was highly unpleased with what I saw in the mirror. From a strength perspective, haha, forget it. I had a gym membership that I hadn’t used in years. That was last November. I also was going through some personal issues at home and was not in a good emotional state of mind to even want train. Train? For what?

A few weeks later my birthday came around and I was looking for a quick fix workout online that would turn me back in time. I stumbled on calisthenics because I was not in a quick hurry to get back into the gym, and wanted to check out some exercises I could do at home. There is a park nearby my house within walking distance so I figured that would be a good start if I needed bars or inclines for bodyweight exercises.

Inspired by Frank Medrano’s eating habits and superhuman workout video, I embarked on my own journey to use Frank Medrano's training program to transform my body. Little did I know that I wouldn’t be the one noticing my own transformation. After a month of training outdoors and in my house, I decided to go back to the gym after I had mastered doing 20 pullups and 40 dips without rest. I figured that would be a good base. Using Frank Medrano’s training programs, I patiently progressed through the exercises and built up my body, waiting for the day to learn some of those superhuman looking moves I’d seen in videos.

Fast forward 3 months later following the same routine. Discipline, belief, results. I quit smoking, lost 26 lbs of fat, and fostered relationships with new people that inspire me every day. I feel and look healthy! I look forward to hitting a good workout 5-6 days a week. My extra gym bag in my car stays packed just in case I don’t have time to head home before I hit the gym and I love doing it! Even my family was asking what my secret was!? What’s this motivation I have, how did I get my body to go from that to this? A few days ago at the gym a girl I see all the time tapped me on the shoulder while I was resting from weighted pullups and asked me “Do you compete?” “In what?” I asked back. “Competitions,” she replied. I had to laugh to myself and said, “Nope, I do this for me.”

I went from flat and unhappy to ripped and content! Give Frank Medrano's training programs a try to stay motivated and dedicated. The results speak for themselves!!!

- David Leonidovich, Galisburb, Illinois




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