Duane Robinson
Auckland, New Zealand

I had just injured my shoulders in jujitsu and now faced an 18-month lay off from training with weights. Once I got back into the gym I found myself constantly aggravating my shoulders, this was getting frustrating. I found a video called "it all starts with one" of Frank Medrano training and decided that I would try this as way to re build myself back into being able to lift heavy weights again. I started using his beginners program and featured diets as a guide (my diets were never great) and within a month I dropped weight on the scales which at first took me back a little bit in surprise as id spent myprevious efforts trying to gain weight but as I looked at myself more I found I was stronger leaner and a lot fitter. I repeated the beginners again as I really wanted to get to grips with calisthenics without rushing and by now some of my friends and followers on social media had seen the changes and asked how id done it so quickly. I then started the intermediate guide and before I realized, I was doing muscle-ups (an exerciseI never believed I could do) holding calisthenics moves for time periods id never have been able to before, and my flexibility almost doubled. I was
still getting bigger and stronger while maintaining a low weight and keeping fit. I highly recommend theses programs to anyone looking at a new way of training that builds a body for a life time not just for the gym.





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