Website Launch

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my new website! I am so excited to share the new format with everyone!

Yes, this is my first blog of many to come! I have been working on so many projects lately including the new Superhuman training programs, and I’m very pleased to have them available to you now! I’ve placed an incredible amount of effort for many months to create THE perfect Beginner and Intermediate training programs. My goal was to create programs that will challenge you to attain the next level of calisthenics. Each eBook includes demo video tutorials so you can have the entire program at your fingertips.

I get so many questions and emails each day asking about my workouts, nutrition advice, how to perform certain exercises, how to stay motivated, and more. I do my best to address as many as I can on Facebook or in other ways, but unfortunately I simply don’t have time to answer them all. But now I can give you more with my new website and bring you guys more into my daily life so you can have a closer look at my health and fitness journey! When you subscribe to my newsletter you will receive direct messages and exclusive content of my in-depth approach to exercise, training techniques, motivation, nutrition, new program releases, and everything else that goes along with living a healthy lifestyle.

I know you guys have been asking for a new motivational video... it's coming! My new “Superhuman Rises” Youtube video will be released within a month! Don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel!

Visit the WORKOUT tab for the new training programs (+nutritional bonus), and remember to subscribe to my newsletter so I can keep you updated on the latest happenings, what I’m working on, motivation, inspiration, tips, and other health & fitness topics.

Browse and enjoy my new website! I look forward to an amazing 2015 with you! Much thanks for all the continued support!